Recommended tackle for Fishing in France

Before we talk about tackle etc to use whilst fishing outside the Uk I would advise and strongly recommend everyone gets a EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) this can be obtained free of charge from the following website.

This will entitle you to medical care at no or very little cost. 

We also recommend that you take out travel insurance. 


We are often asked what items of tackle etc. we use when we go Fishing in France so I have put together a list of items that I and some of the Carp Fishing Trip team members  recommend whilst Fishing in France. This is not a plug for any tackle manufacturers as we are not sponsored by any companies, this is what use and what some of the Carp Fishing Trips Holiday team members use. Whatever tackle, bait etc. you take with you when you go Fishing in France make sure it's top quality and won’t let you down.


Your choice of bait when you go Fishing in France in my opinion is crucial, this is after all your first contact with the Carp. I can’t understand why people spend a lot of money on going Fishing in France then skimp on their choice of boilies. Like everything in life you get what you pay for, cheap boilies have cheap ingredients and have no benefits for the Carp, you may get a fish or two but I am convinced that you would have caught more using a bait company that has used top quality ingredients and not been skimped on. The Carp Fishing Trips Team Members use the following make of boilies:

Monster Baits, MCF Baits, Nutrabaits, Mainline and Dynamite. There are of course other good quality baits out there but as I have already stated make sure it’s a good quality bait you use when you go Fishing in France.


Make sure your hooks are sharp and strong enough to cope with the hard fighting French Carp. I recommend you don’t use hooks that are too small, sizes 2 & 4 are what I would recommend for Fishing in France, I might drop down to a size 6 while fishing in the Northern part of France in the winter but only if I am forced into it. Some of the Carp Fishing Trips team members use the Rigsolutions, MCF , Gardner and Atomic hooks while Fishing in France, again whatever hook you choose make sure it's a quality one and up to the job.

Hooklink material

There are lots of quality hooklink materials on the market now from a variety of companies. Carp Fishin Trips have been experimenting with Rigsolutions 

Free-Fall and Strip-iT. Both these have been outstanding not only presentation but have never tangled on the cast or snapped while playing a fish.

Fluorocarbon hooklink materials are also very good while Fishing in France as are many of the coated hooklink braids. Whatever material you use make sure you use the correct knot for the material you are using and make sure the knots are pulled down very tightly. The Carp Fishing Trips team members use, P-Line Shinsei fluorocarbon, Rig Solutions Strip- it, Ace Camo Coated, Atomic-Jel-e-Wyre and Gardner Trikster.



The type of mainline you need for Fishing in France can vary on several factors, are you going to cast out or use a baitboat or row boat. Are there any snags, Swan Mussels, bars, gravel etc that will damage your line? Whenever I can I like to use a baitboat or row my rigs out while I am fishing in France, this allows me to bait accurately and close to snags, overhanging trees etc without any danger of leaving loaded rigs in trees or underwater snags. The mainline I use is P-Line Halo in 15 or 17 pounds breaking strain. P-line Halo is a green 100% fluorocarbon line that sinks like a brick, very strong and abrasive resistant. Dennis Mcfetrich uses Tiger Line and Nick Burrage uses Gardner XM Pro Light Blend in 20 pound breaking strain. 

Rods & Reels

Rods and reels are a very personal choice but be aware while Fishing in France and you can’t use a baitboat or row your baits out you will need at least a 3lb test curve rod and  big spool reels to be able to fish at distance.  

Rod pods Bank Sticks etc

A lot of fishermen come unstuck here. You will need a good quality strong set up. Cheap bank sticks and pods are just not up to it, they tend to bend, break or tip over. If you are fishing from a staging or decking then you will need stage stands for your bank sticks and some rod pods. For rod pods with legs that are set at an angle you will need to strap the pod down somehow when fishing on decking etc, if you don’t the pod will be pulled over leaving you in a right muddle.  At the Brentwood Carp Show this year I was very impressed with the Star-flite stainless bank sticks and pod set up so I bought a set for myself. There are several quality companies out there so make sure you choose wisely.


When Fishing in France you are normally there for a week or sometimes 2 weeks, so make sure its a big one, big enough to hold all your tackle, cooking equipment etc especially if you are not allowed to park in your swim. Carp Fishing in France is no places for fishing under an umbrella believe me.  You need to be kept dry. Make sure your bivvy is waterproof before you go, make sure you peg it down very well because a storm comes out of nowhere in France, and the wind will blow your bivvie away if you haven’t pegged it down enough. (I know this from a personal experience) If your bivvie isn’t waterproof you can bet the leak will be right over your bedchair so your bags etc will become very wet and uncomfortable. 

Sleeping Bags

A lot of anglers especially if it’s their first time Fishing in France think it is always going to be hot, believe me it’s not, even in early summer although the days may be warm the nights and early mornings can be very cold. Always take a good quality sleeping bag and a fishing blanket. You can always lie on top of the sleeping bag and just cover yourself with the blanket if it’s too warm.

Terminal Tackle

Make sure you take plenty of spares of everything, it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to get more in France. Most of the Carp Fishing Trips Team Members use a drop off system while Fishing in France especially if fishing near snags or in weedy areas, so if you use this method make sure you take plenty of leads. 

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