Terminal Tackle for Fishing in France

For several years I have been lucky enough to be friends with Piet Vogel. Piet has been designing and making terminal tackle for more years than he cares to remember and started Rigsolutions. Their products are perfect for fishing in France and have never let us down no matter what conditions we are fishing, snags, weed, gravel or silt. You can now purchase Rigsolution products directly from their website by using this link. Rigsolutions  

Iktus Lakes Summer Update 

The last two months both lakes at Iktus despite the very hot weather have been producing some fantastic catches. On Iktus main lake, lots of Carp have been caught between 24kg (53lbs) & 30kg (60lbs). At least one 30+kg (60+lb) Carp has been caught every week. Some weeks several 30+kg (60+lb) have been landed. By the end of the 2016/17 season there will be at least 6 Mirror Carp over the magical 30+kg (60+lb) mark. (I personally think it will be nearer 10 during the winter).

Iktus Lake 2 always produces not only big bags of Carp up to 25kg (50lb) but also Sturgeon and Koi Carp. The new Iktus lake 2 record Koi Carp weighing in at 17,1kg (38lbs) a Beluga Sturgeon weighing 55kg (121lbs) and an amazing Transmontanus Sturgeon weighing 80kg (176+lbs) not too bad for 2 summer months don’t you think?

The management are pleased to announce that Iktus Lake 2 will remain open all year as from this year so you can expect some more records to go as the fish pack on their winter weight.

Etang Cheminel

Etang Cheminel first week of the 2016 season started on Saturday May 1st, and what a fantastic start! Jaimie who drew swim 9 has the new lake record weighing in at 55lbs 12ozs. There are at least 3 carp over the 50lb barrier now in Etang Cheminel including a magnificent Common. The average weight of the Carp in Etang Cheminel is now 34lbs.

Livardiere Lake

Carp Fishing Trips first customers of 2016 to vist Livardiere Carp Fishing Lake. Despite the bad wet weather conditions around the Le Mans area in France, Ian managed to land three 40lb carp up to 48lb.8ozs from swim 6.

The last week of March saw the first angler of the season on Livardiere Carp Fishing Lake in France. Here are 4 of the bigger fish he landed weighing between 15kg/33lbs and 20.2kg/44lbs 8ozs.

Iktus Wins Big Carp Magazines Top 10

Iktus wins Big Carps top destinations in France Iktus wins Big Carp Magazines top 10 for French destinations

Carp Fishing Trips & Iktus Carp Lake has been voted number 1 in Big Carp Magazines Top 10 in the French destinations section. We got a massive 28,360 votes from Big Carp readers! Thank you all very much.


Iktus Carp Fishing Lake

The Carp in Iktus Lake in France have been putting weight on over the winter thanks to the mild weather and Jeremy's winter baiting campaign. This winter they have feed 3 tons of maize and 2 tons of Carp pellets to keep the fish on the move and feeding.  The Carp that Derek Ritchie caught in September 2015 weighing 29kg/64lb.14ozs was caught last week weighing 30.5kg /66lbs.2ozs. This year there should be at least 3 probably 5 Carp weighing over 31kg/70lbs. 



Winter Carp from Iktus Carp Lake in France Winter Carp from Iktus Lake

Even in February Iktus Carp Fishing Lake in France produces Big Carp. This one from swim 4  27.8kg/ 61lb.4ozs. 



Carp Fishing Trips at the Brentwood Carp Show

Carp Fishing Trips would like to thank all the people who came and visited us at the Brentwood Carp Show also all those who organised the show and made it run so smoothly.


Carp Fishing Trips are pleased to announce that we are the UK booking agents for 

Etang Sauvage less than 2 hours drive from Calais.

Lago Alfarofia in Portugal is a great winter Carp Fishing venue. Today’s daytime temperature (24th January) is 20°C.

Fishing in Mexico

I have just returned from a holiday on the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Being an angler it wasn’t long before I wanted to do some fishing. I checked out the trips available from the hotel but as normal they were very expensive and I had the feeling it would be more like a boat trip than a fishing trip. After doing some research I discovered that Puerto Aventuras was only a short taxi trip away from our hotel and as there was all sorts of activities including dolphin show, bars, shops but most importantly a marina where lots of fishing boats moored up. I checked a few out but the boat that stood out more than all the others was called Poverty Sucks. It looked well maintained very clean and the equipment looked a lot better than most of the other boats we had seen. There were going to be 4 fishing and because the boat looked nice I knew that most of our wives would want to come along for the boat ride. After speaking to Dietmar the captain and Debby his wife (as well as English they speak German, Spanish and French)  Dietmar told as that as well as fishing around Mexico he had fished Costa Rica, Venezuela, the Bahamas, St Thomas and the Florida Keys. So I felt sure we had made the right choice.

When we arrived to go fishing the boat was all ready for us, as well as Dietmar and Debby they had employed a father and son team to look after the fishing side of things. An ice box was available with cold drinks and water and enough space was left for us to put some beers in that we had brought with us.  We left the marina and it wasn’t long before the rods were out fishing.

Although we didn’t catch many fish we did lose a big Bill Fish that would have made our day but that’s fishing. We had a great trip and we were looked after very well by Dietmar, Debby and the father and son team. Next time we are in Mexico we will be back. To book a trip on Poverty Sucks go to their website. Click on the link below and complete the booking form.

Poverty Sucks

Got the winter Carp Fishing Blues?

Winter has hit us so why not try Lago Alfarofia in Portugal? The weather remains quite mild this time of year and there are some fantastic Carp to be had. give Rob a call on 0044 (0) 771 7837879 or email: to discuss fishing at Lago Alfarofia.


A helpful note for Fishing in France

I have been what you would call 'Long session Angling for the past 20 years now, and lucky enough to have the support around me enabling me to venture out mainly in France for anything up to 6 times a year. I've been fishing since the age of six having come through match style fishing untill ending up hunting for Carp 

I have travelled up and down the UK fishing a varied array of venues from busy day ticket waters through to inland seas. I’d say 15 years ago I was at my most ‘obsessed’ stages of fishing having been bivvied up right through winter in those dense and dark freezing nights. I remember one time fishing in early January 1999  Fishing in France on Masion de lac Bleu having woken to 8 inches of snow piled up outside my bivvy door thinking “yea..this is the life”!

Obsessed was an understatement…I think we have all been there if we aren’t their right now! However, as I am now heading towards the big ‘five-o’ and of course somewhat more ‘portly’ these days I am pleased to say I have brought my obsession down to a healthy passion!

I love what UK fishing has to offer our anglers of today, but for me it’s a mix of holiday, comfort and angling these days and I tend to get this abroad. A quick two day session in the UK never allows me to switch off anymore and become one with my surroundings. The constant ringing phone and river of emails never seems to stop as where when I am session fishing I can somehow engage the ‘Not today thank you’ draw bridge and focus on ‘me-time’. We are all different I guess…

Moving from hard-core bank tramp to a camping carper was a no brainer after returning from a trip 10 years ago. We were Fishing in France on a venue down by LeMans where it rained for 6 days and 6 nights solid. You cast out, you got soaked, you reeled in, you got soaked, you went for a pee you got soaked let alone playing a fish. I remember sitting back in my bivvy having trench foot, tackle floating around under my bed chair, damp clothes starting to take on that musky odour we all love thinking the time has come…..I need to change my approach to long session angling.

This article is not intended to transform you into fishing in the ultimate luxury as my set-up is extreme because I tend to fish in a group and nearly always become the HUB or base camp as I do take the kitchen sink with me!!…its intention is to open your armoury up a little more enabling you to enjoy that well deserved week abroad.

Think hard about your approach to your up and coming trip. If you fish in pairs then share the load and the equipment. What’s the point in taking two separate one burner stoves to cook your toasties on when you can take a double burner and eat gourmet style? It doesn’t matter how big your tackle box is and what the contents within are, I guarantee you’ll only ever use 10% of it whilst you are away (That’s experience talking I am afraid).

Take two landing nets for those awesome double takes but do you need two carp cradles between you? Two sets of scales? Two tripods? It seems if asked to cut back on what you take to France then anglers of today tend to cut back on the items that can actually make your trip an adventure to remember. If there’s 3 of you going then work smart, get your heads together and share the load. Food shopping for three isn’t normally that much more expensive than food shopping for one. Take turns cooking and cleaning up. That way you get a night or two off.

Even the ‘Divvy-in-the-Bivvy’ amongst you will have a signature dish. A tin of meatballs, a jar of dolmio and a bag of pasta can be made into something a little more appetising than the 387th tin of ‘all-day-breakfast’!! Think ahead….agree between the team before setting off what you are going to cook and eat…share the load, increase the enjoyment!

Four of us have just come back from France, 3 having eaten like kings and mucked in whilst one wanted to do his own thing and I am sure has come back with gut-rot having survived on cuppa-soups all week.

Long session angling is a marathon not a sprint, enjoy the week (or two) plan, plot and don’t drive and survive, drive and enjoy instead. It seems most anglers abroad like to get their rods out before dark in readiness for the night ahead, I know we do. But we plan our days around this having agreed to meet in one swim or another (depending on who’s turn to cook it is) for an hour of get together. It’s a great hour of the day to discuss tactics, see what’s working what’s not etc and share the Intel accordingly.

Tying the rigs, getting baited up, marking up the swims in readiness for the return back to your swim after dinner to ‘give it the gun’ and cast to the horizon in order to set the traps for the ever-hopeful night time activity.

You’ve booked your venue, you’ve done your research, you’ve paid for the trip, you’ve taken the time off of work, you’ve done all your dosh on the latest tackle, you look the part, you’ve bought your bait, you’ve paid your tolls, you’ve contributed to the fuel therefore you’ve paid your dues for the oncoming week ahead…..but….are you comfortable? Will you eat well? Do you have those essential home-comforts and more importantly, will this be a trip to remember?

If you have managed to turn right correctly out of Calais then the probability is that you are driving. If you are driving then the probability is that you have a cigarette lighter! There isn’t much you can’t buy these days that doesn’t have a 12 volt lead hanging out the back of it. Research your options here… I personally draw the line at hair straighteners these days but a 10m extension lead straight from your cig lighter into your camp is a whole new box of frogs! From low energy led lighting through to walkie talkie chargers, from laptop access through to TV’s, from inflatable pumps through to baitboat charging you’ve got the lot.

Get your head outside of the ‘the carp scene’ for one moment and take a look at how our fellow camping fraternity live! A non-carp foldaway solar panel linked straight to a small leisure battery will keep you going non-stop! Charging your toys through the day and drawing down all night!

I am lucky enough to have converted a very small box trailer into a ‘go-anywhere’ pop-up camp. It has a six foot solar panel on top charging two extra-large leisure batteries through the day with enough output to give the French national grid a top up too! This is of course extreme but it’s amazing how popular I am with anglers abroad!!! I am not saying go to this extreme for one minute, but what I am saying is think a little bit outside the box and you’re trip can become something of a different holiday because lets face it…that’s exactly what it is A FISHING HOLIDAY!  

Take it in turns cooking, cleaning up. Get creative with bankside cuisine. Take advantage of mother natures energy (even when overcast). Consider carefully what tackle you actually do require. Have a long hard think back to that last trip and work out what you took but in the scheme of things never actually used!!! (be honest here Cough-Cough). Exchange that space for comfort facilities (leave teddy at home tho)

Enjoy, prepare, think outside of the carp scene for a moment…get creative, club together, visit the camping shops (you may just be surprised that our wonderful carp industry didn’t invent everything and that it doesn’t have to cost the world) and turn your bankside tramping into luxury accommodation whilst you are away….and more importantly…..



Derrick Ritchie Iktus Catch Report

Derek Ritchie Iktus Carp Lake Trip 2016

7 x 20lb Carp

44 x 30lb Carp

23 x 40lb Carp

7 x 50lb Carp

2 x  60 lb Carp including a his new PB 64lb 4ozs Mirror Carp 

1 x 70lb Catfish.

For an old boy thats not bad.

Carp Fishing Trips Team

Some of the Carp Fishing Trips Team are off to Lago Alforofia at the end of the month. Its a horrible job but someone has to do it.

Iktus Lake

Derrick Ritchie has had a very good first week at Iktus Carp Fishing Lake in France. After a slow start he managed to land 17 Carp the smallest being 31lbs and the biggest 51+lbs. Not bad for an old boy is it?


I have been asked many times about the laws regarding driving whilst in France. I have listed the rules as they stand at the moment below. Nobody wants to spoil their Carp Fishing holiday so please take note.



Full driving licence. (On the spot fine may apply)

Divers must be over 18 years old.

Children under 10 years old must NOT travel in the front of the vehicle.

Valid insurance certificate.

Original vehicle registration document. (On the spot fine may apply).

Headlamp beam deflectors. (On the spot fine may apply).

GB sticker or EU Number plates.

A Hi-Viz reflective jacket/waistcoat for each person in the vehicle.

A warning triangle. This must be placed between 50 and 150mtrs from the vehicle in the event of a breakdown. 

Breathalyzer (at least 2 if disposable).

It is advisable not to drink and drive in France the penalties are very severe. The limit if France is 0.05mg/ml and in the UK its 0.08mg/ml.

It is illegal to have speed camera alerts in France, if your sat-nav has this function it is advisable to switch this function off. (On the spot fine may apply).


A First Aid Kit.

A Fire Extinguisher. (It is an offence if you fail to render assistance in the event of a fire or take necessary precautions to prevent a fire from escalating).

A Spare Bulb and Fuse Kit. (On the spot fine may apply).


Great News From Etang Cheminel . In the last 2 weeks Etang Cheminel has produced 3 possibly 4 (1 may be a repeat catch) 50lb+ carp including a 53lb+ Common Carp. Photos to follow.

Iktus complex update

Iktus Complex update and catch report.

Iktus Sturgeon Lake update.

As previously posted, Iktus Sturgeon Lake banked an amazing 3.6 tons of Carp up to 24kg/53lbs and Sturgeon up to 45kg/99lbs banked by just 6 anglers on the 2015 opening week. The following 3 weeks carried on being very productive with lots of Carp in the 20kg/44lb & 25kg/55lbs including some very beautiful Koi Carp and a huge amount of Sturgeon up to 40kg/88lbs. There has been an amazing growth rate of the fish over the last 12 months.

Iktus Carp Lake update.

Iktus Carp lake has produced some very big fish including lots of Carp between 20kg/44lb & 25kg/55lbs. In April Iktus Carp lake produced Carp between 26kg/57lbs and 28kg/61lbs every week. Many anglers have already beaten their personal best. During the winter lots of work has been going on to improve the swims and to make the anglers more comfortable. Wooden cabins have been positioned on swims 5, 9 & 10 on the Iktus Carp lake and swims 16, 17, 22 & 23 on the Iktus Sturgeon lake. Anglers can rent these for an extra €100.00 per week. Included in the cabins are beds, table and chairs.  NOTE there is no water or electricity in the cabins.

A new shower and toilet block has been installed solely for the use by the anglers.  There are 2 toilets and 4 showers and it will be open by 24/7/2015. 


The lakes at Madagascar have certainly warmed up and the big fish are coming out. Here is a selection of some recently caught fish.


Iktus Sturgeon Lake has started with a bang. This week a massive 1300kg/2866lbs of fish caught in just 6 days from swims 21 & 22 for 2 Fishermen. Last week from swim 20 an amazing 1178kg/2597lbs of fish caught including 24kg/53lb Carp.



Here are some great pictures of recent captures at Lago da Alfarofia.

Some recent captures from lake Madagascar.

Top Quality Bank Sticks etc Star-Flite Stainless Steel Bank ware

Carp Fishing Trips Holidays recommend the Stainless Steel Bankware manufactured in the UK by Star-Flite.

This Monster Catfish caught from swim 1 at Iktus Carp Lake in France.


IKTUS Carp Fishing Holiday Lakes in France. Here are some more photos of recently caught Carp and Sturgeon from the Main lake and the Sturgeon lake.


Here is the latest catch report from Derek Ritchie 17/09/2014. Iktus Carp Fishing Trips Holiday Lake in France

9 x 20lb Carp

30 X 30lb Carp

8 x 40lb Carp

3 x 50lb Carp

Not bad for an old man is it.

More updates from Derek at the Iktus Carp Lakes in France as we get them.



Brian and myself have just returned from a trip at Etang des Courtioux. It turned out to be a fantastic week for both of us, between us we had several 20lb Carp, lots of 30lb Carp, 2 x 40lb Carp, 2 x 50lb and 1 x 60lb Carp.  Brian being the hardy angler that he is sat in in his bivvy and me being the soft old Angler fished from the lodge. The nice thing about Carp Fishing from the lodge is that the bedroom has a patio door that leads onto the decking that you can fish from, so I didn't even have to use my bedchair. We both used the Monster Baits CFT special boilies and as normal it caught right from the start. See below some of the nice Carp we caught and some pics of the lodge and interior.

Good Start to the  week for two Carp Fishermen Fishing the small Carp Lake at TROIS FONTAINE CARP FISHING TRIPS HOLIDAY LAKE IN FRANCE

Some of The Carp caught From Trois Fontaine Carp Fishing Trips HolidayLake in France



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