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New Venues for 2018

We are please to anounce that we now have Lac de Pierre Chatel & Iktus Ruffaud on our books. Look on their pages to see more details.

Carp Fishing Trips are pleased to have Lac du Grand Fontenay on their books. Some of the team members will be visiting the venue in September. We will keep you informed.

Carp Fishing Trips Visit To Chef de Ville July 2017

With temperatures in the mid 30s it was going to be a very testing trip, not only for the fishing but also personally for me with the heat. Fortunately the swims at Chef de Ville have plenty of shade so although it was still very hot I wasn’t in direct sunlight. The plan was to arrive late Friday night/early hours on Saturday and just get the bedchairs out and sleep somewhere. The delays at the channel tunnel put paid to all that.  We had no choice but to set up in heat of the day. All set up shower and a pub chuck for the first night.

We set up in swim 7, Brian fished to the left to cover his swim 6 and I fished on the right. We had several Carp between us and 2 very big grass carp weighing over 50lbs each. We had a great time and Mark the bailiff looked after us very well indeed. Big Al who was there helping Kevin to do some work on the swims etc was also a great help and gave us a few laughs. Thank both of you and hope to fish together soon.

2017 Opening Day at Chef de Ville

Chef de Ville offically opened to customers yesterday, and the first fish of the season was this magnificent 37lb 4ozs common. Happy days.

Common Carp from Chef de Ville 37lb 4/17kg 37lb 4/17kg Common Carp from Chef de Ville

Chef de Ville Update

This week beginging 6th May 2016 has been a fantastic week with lots of carp falling to the anglers there. Swims 2,3,6 & 7 have been doing the business this week the biggest so far being 58lb 3ozs.

A surprise from Iktus Carp Lake

Iktus Carp Lake in France has turned up a surpise 64lb/29kg Mirror Carp. As far as the management know this carp has never been landed before! Iktus has detailed records of all the carp from when they were first stocked to date. They have been through all their records and photographs and they have no record of this fish since it was first stocked. I wonder whay it has been feeding on untill now?


An unrecored 64lb/29kg Mirror Carp From Iktus An unrecored 64lb/29kg Mirror Carp From Iktus Carp Lake

Chef de Ville

Carp Fishing Trips are pleased to announce that Chef de Ville has now joined our portfolio. Click on the link to view Chef de Ville. 

Iktus Lakes Summer update

The last two months both lakes at Iktus despite the very hot weather have been producing some fantastic catches. On Iktus main lake, lots of Carp have been caught between 24kg (53lbs) & 30kg (60lbs). At least one 30+kg (60+lb) Carp has been caught every week. Some weeks several 30+kg (60+lb) have been landed. By the end of the 2016/17 season there will be at least 6 Mirror Carp over the magical 30+kg (60+lb) mark. (I personally think it will be nearer 10 during the winter).

Iktus Lake 2 always produces not only big bags of Carp up to 25kg (50lb) but also Sturgeon and Koi Ccarp. The new Iktus lake record Koi Carp weighing in at 17,1kg (38lbs) a Beluga Sturgeon weighing 55kg (121lbs) and an amazing Transmontanus Sturgeon weighing 80kg (176+lbs) not too bad for 2 summer months don’t you think?

The management are pleased to announce that Iktus Lake 2 will remain open all year as from this year so you can expect some more records to go as the fish pack on their winter weight.

Etang Cheminel News Flash

Etang Cheminel 

Etang Cheminel first week of the 2016 season started on Saturday April 30th, and what a fantastic start! Jaimie who drew swim 9 has the new lake record weighing in at 55lbs 12ozs. There are at least 3 carp over the 50lb barrier now in Etang Cheminel including a magnificent Common. The average weight of the Carp in Etang Cheminel is now 34lbs.

Etang Soubise

Etang Soubise has produced a couple of cracking fish on the warm up to the start of the 2016 season with 44lb and 59lbs 8ozs Mirror Carp to kick off with. 

Etang Cheminel

Etang Cheminel located in the Champagne Region of France has installed solar panels, which produce more than enough electricity to run the site. Along with the backup batteries and stand by compressor, customers will be able to use electric power 24/7. While Steve and Clive were installing the panels they also managed a couple of days fishing. Below are a couple of carp Clive managed to land. A 41lb Mirrror Carp and a 39lb Common.


Carp Fishing Trips first customers of 2016 to vist Livardiere Carp Fishing Lake. Despite the bad wet weather conditions around the Le Mans area in France, Ian managed to land three 40lb carp up to 48lb 8ozs from swim 6.

The last week of March saw the first angler of the season on Livardiere Carp Fishing Lake in France. Here are 4 of the bigger fish he landed weighing between 15kg/33lbs and 20.2kg/44lbs.8ozs.

Lago da Alfarofia in Portugal

Lago da Alfarofia in Portugal. A great place to Carp Fish in the winter. 

Iktus wins Big Carp Magazines Top 10

Iktus number 1 in Big Carp magazines top 10 competition Iktus Carp Lake wins Big Carp Magazines top 10

Carp Fishing Trips & Iktus Carp Lake has been voted number 1 in Big Carp Magazines Top 10 in the French destinations section. We got a massive 28,360 votes from Big Carp readers! Thank you all very much.

Livardiere Lake

Livardiere Lake owner Alban and top bailif Bernard at the Montlucan Carp Show Alban & Bernard at the Montlucon Carp Show.

Alban and Bernard from Livardiere Lake in France had a fantastic time at the Montlucon Carp Show in France. 

More photos from our popular winter venues 

Iktus Carp Fishing Lake in France and Lago da Alfarofia da Carp Fishing Lake in Portugal are still producing some fantastic winter carp. Both venues are perfect for winter fishing, Iktus Lake in France producing the bigger Carp and Lago da Alfarofia in Portugal still catching in the sunshine. 

Carp Fishing Trips at the Brentwood Carp Show

What a fantastic show it was at Brentwood. We had lots of customers new and old come to visit our stand. As normal the show was very well organised and we would like to thank Lee and all his staff for all their hard work. 

Livardiere French Carp Lake owner Alban was on the Carp Fishing Trips  stand and was very pleased by the response we had from the Carp Anglers who came to visit us on the stand.  A very big thank you from Rob & Brian to everyone who came and had a chat on our stand.


Some winter Carp from Lago da Alfarofia in Portugal.

Derrick Ritchie Iktus Update

The Don has now had a 64Lb 4ozs Mirror to top things off. So far his 4 week tally is as follows,

4 x 20lb Carp

41 x 30lb Carp

13 x 40lb Carp

5 x 50lb Carp

1 x 64lb 4ozs Carp 

1 x 70lb Catfish.

For an old boy thats not bad.

Iktus Lake 

Derrick Ritchie has had a very good first week at Iktus Carp Fishing Lake in France. After a slow start he managed to land 17 Carp the smallest being 31lbs and the biggest 51+lbs. Not bad for an old boy is it?

Livardiere Lake 

Some of the Carp Fishing Trips Team we're lucky enough to do a trips to Livardiere Lake in France. it's a fantastic venue with top class facilities. The swims are massive giving each angler loads of area to fish. The bailiffs are not in your face all the time but always available if you should need them. The downside of the trip was the carp decided to spawn again so the fishing was a slow with not so many fish caught but on the plus side we got to see many of the fish that got us excited and to make our minds up to go back again soon.

The Carp Fishing Apprentice Surpasses The Master

A fantastic catch on Carpfighters Livardiere Lake by father and son team Michael & Theo Kimber who had a trip at the end of May 2015. Although Michael did well we are much more impressed by Theo who beat his personal best twice. Carp Fishing Trips think he has just sent out a firm warning to his dad!!

The weeks catch for the duo was 11x20s, 10x30s, 5x40s & 1x50lb Carp.

Some photos below.

Great News From Etang Cheminel . In the last 2 weeks Etang Cheminel has produced 3 possibly 4 (1 may be a repeat catch) 50lb+ carp including a 53lb+ Common Carp. Photos to follow.


Iktus Shop



Iktus now have their own Boilies and Pellets available for sale in the shop.

5kg bucket of 20mm boilies in Crab or Pineapple flavour €19.00.

5kg bucket Pellets avalable in 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 9mm & 15mm €10.00.

5kg bucket of drilled 20mm Pellets €13.00.

25kg sack of Pellets available in 9mm & 15mm €50.00.

Lago Alfarofia

24lb 4ozs Barbel from Lago Alfarofia in Portugal 24lb 4ozs Barbel



We have just been informed that of a massive 24lb 4ozs Barbel capture from Lago Alfarofia. in Portugal. 

Carp Fishing Trips Holidays are please to anounce that we have now UK booking agents and have added Largo da Alfarofia, Lac de la Vie & Le Pont du Diable to our list of venues.

Iktus Video

Take a look at Nicks video taken at Iktus Carp Fishing Lake October 2014 Part 2 will follow shortly 

Part 2 of the Carp Fishing Trips Holidays Team members vist to Iktus Carp Fishing Lake October/November 2014

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