Willow Carp Lake in France

Willow lake is a stunning well maintained 4.5 acre Carp fishing lake in France, which is part of a 2 lake complex called Les Lacs du Verger. Willow Lake is a big Carp Fishing Lake located close to Vitry-Le-Francois in the Champagne Ardenne Region of France and is just a 3.5 hours drive from Calais.

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Willow Lake is not a runs water and suits the more experienced carp angler who is looking for a big Carp water with comfortable swims and first class facilities. There are weed beds with holes in for the anglers to fish in, gravel bars and silt beds. The average weight of the Carp caught is 41lbs with the lake record at 66lbs, although I wouldn't be surprised if there are bigger Carp to be caught.





Willow Carp Lake is available to book exclusively for up to 4 Carp Anglers. 



A lot of thought has been put into the design and construction of the Carp swims on Willow Carp Lake, providing the Carp angler a very comfortable, safe and spacious area.

It is possible to park your vehicle behind your swim on Willow Carp Lake so there is no need to use a trolley etc.



The anglers purpose built cabin was completed in 2013.



The facilities include the oven, hobs, kettle, microwave, fridge, freezer and power points. The washing machine is for management use only. You must bring your own plates, mugs, cutlery, pans, washing liquid, tea towels etc with you as these are NOT provided.

Bathroom facilities at Willow Carp Lake in France Bathroom facilities at Willow Carp Lake


There are modern toilet and shower facilities in the fishermans cabin.



The fish in Willow Carp Lake are absolutely stunning!


Common Carp as well as Mirror Carp are there to be caught at Willow Carp Lake in France. 


Keep an eye out for this Moorhen the cheeky thing steels your boilies 


1 weeks fishing for up to 3 anglers  £1050.00.

1 weeks fishing for up to 4 anglers £1350.00

Non fishing guest £40.00 each maximum of 4 per week.



Food package: Breakfast and Evening Meal £125.00 per person.

Boilies: £8.00 per Kilo.


Please Note Willow Lake is a Boilie only water.  




Anglers will not be permitted onto the complex before 13:00hrs on the day of arrival, and must leave by 10:00hrs on the day of departure.  

The swims, facilities etc must be left in a clean and tidy state.

Anglers under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times by an adult who must accept full responsibility for them. 

ABSOLUTELY NO SACKING OF THE FISH. Retaining sacks are not allowed on the complex at all.

Fish may be retained in your landing net for a short period while preparing scales, camera etc.

Unhooking mats, weigh slings must be doused in the lake water before being used.

The fish must be doused in the lake water while on the unhooking mat.

Fish antiseptic must be used on hook holds or any cuts etc.

Any damage to the fish must be reported to the management.

Fish to returned to the water in the swim they were caught from.

Any person trying to remove any fish from the venue will be reported to the police for theft.

Absolutely no transferring fish between lakes.

Only nuts and particles purchased on site may be used.

Absolutely no marine/halibut pellets allowed.

No shelf life boilies allowed.

A maximum of 3 rods allowed per angler.

Mainline braid is ONLY allowed on marker and spod rods.

Absolutely no leaders of any kind.

A 250mm minimum of rig tubing to be used above the lead.

A minimum of 25lb b/s hooklink.

Microbarded hooks only to be used.

No bent or acutely curved hooks allowed.

No longshank Nailers or similar hooks allowed.

No rods to be left unattended at anytime.

The management reserve the right to inspect rigs at anytime.

No litter of any kind will be tolerated, this includes cigarette butts and bottle tops.

No damage or cutting of trees, branches or bank side vegetation allowed. If you feel that something needs attention ask the bailiff.

Gates to the fishery must be kept closed and locked at all times. If you leave the venue close and lock the gates behind you, no matter how short a period you will be away.

No firearms allowed.

Baitboats are allowed but please respect other anglers.

Only the row boat provided is allowed to be used. 

Life jackets must be worn when using the boat.

The boat is NOT to be used at night.

Use of the boat is entirely at the anglers risk.

Any damage of losses to the boat will be charged for.

No swimming or deep water wading.

No open fires.

Music, TV's etc. are allowed but keep the volume to an acceptable level.

Bright lights to be kept to a minimum.

All the facilities to be left as you would like to find them. 

Excessive alcohol and any illegal drug use will not be tolerated.

Any criminal behaviour including the use of drugs will be reported to the police.

The owner of the Property/Lake or Carp Fishing Trips do not take any responsibility in case of accidents, thefts or material damage.





Weather report for Willow Lake in France Weather report for Willow Lake



Check out the latest weather forecast at Willow Carp Fishing Lake in France

Average temperature at Willow Lake in France Average temperature at Willow Lake


Size:   4.5 acres                                           Baitboats:   Yes   

How many swims:  5                                 Row boats:  Only venue boat allowed 

Max no anglers  4                                       Bait available:  Yes                        

Double swims: 0                                         Tackle hire:  Bedchair, Bivvy 

Onsite shop:  No                                         Hook pattern:  MicroBarbed 

Parking behind swims:  Yes                      Distance to shops  5 miles 

Meal package:  Yes                                     Facilities:  Shower, Toilets and full cooking facilities  

Cooking facilities:   Yes                              Species: Carp & Catfish              

Drive and survive:      Yes                          Lake record: 66lbs /30kg    

Accommodation:       No                      

Distance Calais: 3.5hrs: 218ml/352km.      Tackle Supplied: Unhooking Mat and Weigh Sling




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