Etang Cheminel Carp Lake in France


This is a beautiful 20 acre Carp Fishing Lake in the Champagne Ardenne Region of France and is one of the Cassini lakes created by nuns in the 1700’s to supply Carp for the table 

Etang Cheminel is located deep in the Beval oak forest.

About 230 miles from Calais which is about three and half hours drive, near a town called Givry. It is a very peaceful place and the wildlife is abundant with Deer, Wild Boar, Red Squirrels, Kingfishers, Egrets and Owls are often spotted and at certain times of the years is visited by Ospreys. This lake was previously only used for duck shooting up to 2007 before Steve Wells purchased the lake and turned it into a Carp Fishing Lake.


There is a large head of Carp that are growing at a very fast rate. The lake record is now a Common Carp weighing in at 52lbs. 4ozs and the Mirror Carp record is 55lbs 12ozs The average weight is now around 32lbs. There are English toilets and shower facilities with a fridge available and freezer space. Unhooking mats and weigh slings are provided and carp pellets and boilies can be purchased on site. There is a maximum of eight anglers allowed on the lake at any one time with fishing only allowed from one bank so you will have nobody opposite when you are fishing. The lake is spring-fed with depths ranging from three to seven feet with a small island, reed beds and lily pads.

Your fishing tackle is taken to your swim for you so there is no need to carry your carry all your tackle.


Plan of Etang Cheminel in France Plan of Etang Cheminel


The Carp in Etang Cheminel Carp Lakes are getting bigger all the time.


You can choose the Drive and Survive as there are several supermarkets and shops close by, or if you want to take it easy you can go for the Full Food Package.


The Facilities 


The toilets, showers and facilities are very modern and clean making your fishing holiday more comfortable. 





Drive & Survive per person per week £250.00.

All Inclusive per person per week £390.00.


Lake exclusive up to 8 people.

Drive and survive £1500.00 per week.

Food Package  £140.00 per person per week.

Non fishing guest £10.00 per person per day.


Food Package consists of:  Full English or Continental Breakfast & 2 course Evening Meal.

For more information or to book fantastic venue, call Rob on  0044 (0) 771 783 7879.

or email: 



Lake Rules


A minimum of 15lb mainline.

No braided mainline.

A minimum of 450mm tubing to be used.

No Leadcore.

No Nuts.

All Particles are to be properly prepared.

No shock leaders.

Only safe fish friendly rigs to be used.

No carp sacks.

Only the weigh slings and unhooking mats provided by Etang le Cheminel to be used.

Maximum of 3 rods per angler.

Baitboats allowed.

Please do not arrive at the lake before 2pm and depart before 10am the following Saturday.

The owner of the Property/Lake or Carp Fishing Trips, do not take any responsibility in case of accidents, thefts or material damage.



Weather forcast for Etang Cheminel in France Weather forcast for Etang Cheminel



Check out the latest weather forecast for Etang Cheminel Carp Fishing Lake in France

Average temperature at Etang Cheminel in France Average temperature at Etang Cheminel


Size:   20 acres                                           Baitboats:   Yes   

How many swims:  9                                Row boats:  Yes

Max no anglers  8                                      Bait available:  No                        

Double swims: Yes                                    Tackle hire:  No

Onsite shop:  No                                        Hook pattern:  Barbed

Parking behind swims:  No                      Distance to shops  5 miles 

Meal package:  Yes                                     Facilities:  Shower, Toilets

Cooking facilities:   No                             Species: Carp             

Drive and survive:     Yes                         Lake Carp record: 55lbs 12ozs   

Accommodation:       No                      

Distance Calais: 3hrs: 230ml/370km.      Tackle Supplied: Unhooking Mats & Weigh Slings

Biggest capture Etang Cheminel Lake Record



Lake Record 55lbs 12ozs/25kg



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