Lago da Alfarofia Carp Fishing in Portugal

Lake Alfarofia is a small fishing paradise of 15 acres just outside Elvas in Portugal, close to the Spanish border and city of Badajoz. This private Carp fishing lake was opened to the public at the end of 2007. It has not taken long for this fantastic water to come to the attention of top European anglers due to the size and fabulous condition of its inhabitants both Common Carp and Mirror Carp. A destination for many specimen hunters. 

Carp fishing at Lago da Alfarofia in Portugal is the perfect place to go Carp fishing in the winter months. The average temperature for the months of October through to March is 15°C. For the Carp fisherman who likes it hot during the summer months you are looking at a high of around 23°C. 




A massive 24lb 4ozs Barbel caught from Lago Alfarofia

Lago da Alfarofia has 8 purpose built Carp Fishing swims. Swim 1 can have up to 3 anglers, swim 2 is a double, swim 3 is for up to 3 anglers, swims 4 & 5 are doubles, swim 6 for up to 4 anglers, swim 7 up to 3 anglers and swim 8 is a double. Please note swim 8 will be closed if there are 4 anglers in swim 6. Most swims have electricity and Wi-fi is available near the main house.

There is an apartment on the VIP swim that includes air conditioning & electricity.

There is a shower and toilet block available 24/7 on site.


The lake is in the middle of a private property of 103 acres and it was constructed for the purpose of rice field irrigation. Its construction was finished in April of 1992 and in July of that same year it was stocked with 1,500 Mirror Carp and 1,000 Black-Bass. 15 years later it has been discovered by Carp fisherman. A maximum of 3 rods per angler allowed, baitboats are allowed and you can hire row boats with or without electric outboards. You can also rent all you’re fishing equipment and buy your bait on site if you choose to do so. 


You can have fresh bread, drinks, ice and BBQ coal delivered to your swim every day. A supermarket is only is only 1.5 miles / 2 km away so you can get your supplies or you can choose to have a meal package on a daily basis. There is a freezer, fridge and microwave available for you to use and every swim has its own BBQ. There are also toilets and showers on site.

Lago Alfarofia Carp Fishing Lake Prices

1 weeks Fishing per Fisherman: £250.00

1 weeks Fishing for 1  Fisherman on VIP Swim is £675.00 Price includes electricity and Wifi. for 2 fishermen the cost is £925.00

 1 guest per Fisherman No Charge. 2nd guest £60.00. Please note guests are not allowed to fish at all. 

Unhooking mats and landing nets are available free of charge.



Full equipment rental per week per fisherman: €100.00

Equipment rental not including bite alarms and reels per week per fisherman: €60.00

Row boat hire per week: €50.00

Row boat hire with electric outboard per week: €70.00

Meals per person: €30.00 per day.

Electricity in swim: €70.00 per week.

Transport to and from Lisbon airport up to 4 people: €100.00


For more information or to book this fantastic venue, call Rob on 0044 (0) 771 783 7879.




Lago Alfarofia Carp Fishing Lake Rules

You must not arrive at the venue before 11am on your day of arrival.

You must leave the venue by 10am on the day of departure.

Only Carp fishing allowed.

All fish must be returned to the lake as soon as possible.

All care must be taken with the fish at all times and must be kept wet with lake water while they are out of the water.

Large unhooking mats must be used. Please keep the mats out of direct sunlight and make sure they are very wet with lake water before use.

Fish antiseptic must be used on all hookholds, cuts or sores. 

Carp sacks are not allowed.

Carp recovery slings are only allowed while you are preparing your unhooking mats, photography equipment etc.

Large Carp landing nets must be used.

A maximum of 3 rods allowed per angler.

No rods to be left unattended at any time.

A minimum of 15lb mainline allowed.

No braid to be used as a mainline. Braid is allowed on spod and marker rods.

Only the row boats supplied are allowed and all due respect for fellow anglers must be observed and keep to your swim limits.

Baitboats are allowed but you must respect the other anglers and keep to your swim limits.

You must not wade into the water above knee height.

No swimming allowed in the lake.

Only green or camouflage bivvies allowed. 

You must respect the environment at all times. Do not damage any flora or fauna.

All rubbish to be placed in black bin bags and put in the bins provided.

Cigarette ends are not to be thrown on the ground or in the lake.

No drunken behaviour allowed

No non-prescribed drugs allowed.

Anybody breaking any of the above rules will be told to leave and no refund will be given.  

The owner of the Property/Lake or Carp Fishing Trips do not take any responsibility in case of accidents, thefts or material damage.




Weather at Lago Alfarofia in Portugal Weather at Lago Alfarofia




Check out the long range weather forcast at Lago Da Alfarofia

Average temperature at Lago Da Alfarofia in Portugal Average temperature at Lago Da Alfarofia


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