Lac de Pierre Chatel is a 100 hectare/247 acre natural lake almost circular in shape. It is 1 kilometre/just over half of a mile long & 1 kilometre/just over half of a mile wide. It is the largest privately owned natural lake in France. The depth varies between 1 & 11 metres deep with an average depth of 6 metres. During the summer months a weed bed grows at about 100 metres/110 yards from the bank, this is an obvious fish holding area!  



Please arrive before midday on your day of arrival. The reception is located in an outbuilding of the castle. Here you will also find the facility centre with the toilets, showers, fridge, freezer and power points to allow you to charge your batteries etc. The bailiff will transport you and all your tackle etc to your chosen swim. 


Up until 2017 very few carp anglers have had the privilege of fishing here. A few lucky anglers have been allowed to fish in 2017 and the results have been very encouraging indeed with carp being caught in the mid 50s. In 2018 Carp Fishing Trips have the honour of being the sole UK booking agents.   

Carp swimming in front of swim 1 Carp swimming in front of swim 1 on Lac de Pierre Chalet Carp Fishing Lake in France


There are 8 large swims and 3 more on construction. Each swim on the lake is big enough for 2 anglers. Swims 2-8 are only accessible  by boat. Swim 1 is located in the castle grounds and comes with a Gite. Swims 2 to 6 have 6 x 5 metre wooden platforms with more than enough space for 2 bivvies etc. Swims 7 & 8 have been cleared in the forest.




Map of swim locations on Lac de Pierre Chatel Map of swim locations on Lac de Pierre Chatel Carp Fishing Lake in France


This is swim 1 on Lac de Pierre Chalet Carp Fishing Lake in France. To book swim 1 you must also book the Gite accommodation.

Swim 1 on Lac de Pierre Chalet Swim 1 on Lac de Pierre Chalet Carp Fishing Lake in France



Cost per angler. £255.00

Cost per non angler. £50.00

Cost for Gite. £650.00 + £255.00 per angler
(Minimum of 2 anglers and maximum of 4 anglers)





On arrival you must be in possession of your booking form/conformation.

Boats and baitboats are allowed but you must respect other anglers.

Life jackets must be worn while using the boats.

Chest waders are not allowed while in the boat.

No swimming.

Only fish friendly rigs allowed. The lead must discharge if the mainline breaks.

Micro barbed hooks only.

No longshank Nailer type or bent hooks allowed.

No more than 3 rods per angler.

No rods to be left unattended whilst fishing.

No braided mainline. Braid is allowed on marker and spod rods.

Bivvies must be green or camouflage in colour.

You must have minimum of 42” landing net.

You must have large thick unhooking mats or carp cradle and they must be wet with fresh lake water before use.

Fish antiseptic must be used on all hook holds, cuts and sores.

Fishing is only allowed from the swims.

Use carp recovery slings while preparing to take photos etc.

Do not stand when holding a fish to be photographed.

Return the carp to the lake as soon as possible.

Fish mutilation or marking is strictly forbidden.  

Anybody caught stealing the fish will be reported to the police.  
Do not leave any rubbish.

Respect the natural surroundings. Do not cut down branches, reeds etc with first obtaining permission.

Keep noise to an expectable level for other anglers.

Dogs are allowed but must be controlled and cleaned up after.

No open fires.

BBQs are allowed if on a stand.

Excessive alcohol and any illegal drug use will not be tolerated.

Leave the toilets and showers in a clean condition.

Anybody breaking any of the above rules may/will be removed from the fishery without any refund.

The owners of the property, Lac de Pierre Chalet or Carp Fishing Trips do not take any responsibility in case of accidents, thefts or material damage.

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