Iktus Lake 2 in France

Set in southern France near the Spanish border close to the village of Pau, about 10 hours drive from CalaisA 45 acre lake on the famous Iktus complex with very comfortable swims.


The average Carp is 30lbs and the lake carp record is 58lbs.

There are also a good head of Sturgeon made up of the following. 12 Siberian Sturgeon weighing between 10kg and 22kg (22lb and 48lb 8ozs), 8 White Sturgeon between 25kg to 69kg (55lbs and 151lb 8ozs), Guelden (Russian) Sturgeon up to 25kg (55lbs), Naccari Sturgeon up to 25kg (55lbs), Naccari/Baeri hybrid and Beluga/Naccari hybrid up to 19kg (41lb 8ozs), Stellantus Sturgeon up to 7kg (15lb 8ozs), Ruthenus Sturgeon up to 2kg (4lb 8ozs) and Ruthenus Sturgeon up to 3kg (6lb 8ozs) White Guelden Sturgeon uo to 15kg (33lbs), Beluga Sturgeon up to 36kg (79lbs), this species is the largest known freshwater fish, it can grow to an amazing 2000kg that’s a staggering 4400lbs. At the moment the biggest Sturgeon is a massive 155lbs. There are also 400 Carp in the lake up to 58lbs and some Grass Carp up to 44lbs.


Beautiful sun set on Iktus Lake 2


Prices start from £235.00 per angler per week.

Non fishing guest £42.00 per week.

Extra tackle can also be hired at an additional cost.

Extra rod £55.00 per week.

Iktus now have their own Boilies and Pellets available for sale in the shop.

5kg bucket of 20mm boilies in Crab or Pineapple flavour €19.00.

5kg  bucket Pellets available in 2, 3, 5, 9 & 15mm €10.00.

5kg bucket of drilled 20mm Pellets €13.00.

25kg sack Pellets available in 9 & 15mm €50.00.

For more information on this fantastic venue, call Rob on +44 (0)771 783 7879.





Long range weather forcast for Pau Long range weather forcast




Check out the latest weather forecast at Iktus Lake 2 in France 

Average temperature at Iktus in France Average temperature at Iktus


Size:   45 acres                                         Baitboats:   Yes   

How many swims:  8                              Row boats:  Yes

Max no anglers  16                                  Bait available:  Yes                        

Double swims: Yes                                  Tackle hire:  Yes

Onsite shop:  Yes                                      Hook pattern:  Barbed

Parking behind swims:  No                    Distance to shops  2 miles 

Meal package:  Yes in Restaurant          Facilities:  Shower, Toilets

Cooking facilities:   No                            Species: Carp, Sturgeon & Catfish             

Drive and survive:      Yes                       Lake Carp record: 55+lbs   

Accommodation:       Yes                    

Distance Calais: 11hrs: 670ml/1077km. Tackle Supplied: Most tackle and equipment available.

The owner of the Property/Lake or Carp Fishing Trips do not take any responsibility in case of accidents, thefts or material damage.



To have a chat about or to book Iktus you can call Rob

on: +44 (0) 77 1783 7879  email:

 or by clicking on the contact page button below and filling in the form


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