Iktus Lake in France. The Home of Monster Carp

Carp Fishing Trips are the only authorised booking agent in the UK to Iktus Lake in France.

Iktus Lake is a massive  fishing complex that is home to some Monster Carp. Iktus is Located in Southern France near the Spanish border close to the village of Pau.
 Due to Jeremy’s (the lake owner) fish management program Iktus is rapidly becoming the Big Carp Fishing Lake in France. There are about 1400 carp in the main lake including 30 different 60+lb/27.25+kg and about 4 differnt 70lb+/31.75+kg carp. The biggest sturgeon is arround 165lbs/75kg and the biggest catfish is around the 260lb/118 mark.


Iktus is a 10 hour drive from Calais, 8 hours from Caen, 3 hrs from Santander and 2 hrs from Bilbao. Iktus main lake is open all year and is a perfect winter venue as well as a summer venue for those who like it hot.
 The Iktus complex itself covers over 247 acres with a beautiful 87 acre lake that is fenced and secure, dedicated to  fishing. The Iktus Carp Fishing Lake was dug 60 years ago for the gravel, the depth varies from 1 metre to 10 metres. There are a total of 15 Carp swims of which only 14 are used at any one time giving you the opportunity to change swims if you require. The onsite facilities at Iktus include a bar, restaurant, an ever growing tackle shop, shower and toilet facilities and on-site bungalows for those who want a little bit of comfort, a car park with 24hour video surveillance. The present owners have stocked well over 1000 fish and along with the original stocking there are plenty of big fish for you to catch. The average weight of the Iktus Carp is now 40lbs with the lake record being over 70lbs. the Grass Carp go over 50lbs, the Catfish go over 250lb and the Sturgeon go over 160lbs and the fish are still growing. For the Pike angler there are massive Pike up to to 39lbs. You can also fish the river Gave de Pau where there are some great catches of Barbel, Chub & Trout to be had. (You will need to buy a permit from the onsite shop)There are 19 bungalows that can be rented if you want to take the family with you and there are cabins available on some swims on the lake side. There are several non-fishing events like horse riding, golf, tennis, squash, bowling, go karting and a large shopping mall all close by. The Pyrenees mountains are only 30 minutes away and the famous site of Lourdes is also close by. 

Update From Iktus

May 2017

Iktus Carp Lake in France has turned up a surpise 64lb/29kg Mirror Carp. As far as the management know this carp has never been landed before! Iktus has detailed records of all the carp from when they were first stocked to date. They have been through all their records and photographs and they have no record of this fish since it was first stocked. I wonder whay it has been feeding on untill now?

A new 64lb/29kg Mirror Carp From Iktus Carp Lake


Lee Merritt had a fantastic time at Iktus. Not only did he catch several carp in extremely hot weather conditions but he also had time to help American author Mark Spitzer catch a few carp and explain some of his rigs and tactics. 

The Dons September Catch Report At Iktus

The Don has now had a 64Lb 4ozs Mirror from Iktus Carp Lake to top things off. So far his 4 week tally is as follows,

 4 x 20lb
 41 x 30lb
 13 x 40lb
 5 x 50lb 
 1 x 64lb 4ozs
 1 x 70lb Catfish.
 For an old boy thats not bad.


They began to dig the Iktus lake for the gravel 60 years ago, and its is feed from the very rich water that runs down the Pyrenees mountains into the river Pau. The deepest area of the lake is in front of swim 6 with depth up to 10 meters/32 feet. There are 15 swims on the lake some of which are doubles. Access is easy by your vehicles but after unloading you must return you car to the car park. Swims 5, 6, 8 (VIP) and 11 are double swims and must be booked as such. The fishing area for each swim is very large giving each Carp Angler lots of Fishing area.

This Monster Catfish was caught from swim 1 on the Iktus Carp Lake in France

Iktus Carp Fishing Lakes water is very rich with insect larvae, freshwater snails and mussels, and a big bonus is there are no poisson chat or crayfish to contend with. Swims 5, 6, 7 and VIP must be booked by 2 anglers all the rest can be booked individually. There is an extra charge for the VIP swim as it includes a hut that comes complete with heating, microwave, fridge, TV and furniture, it also has a very large area with patio tables and chairs, and a large fishing area. Note: there is no running water or toilet facility in the huts

IKTUS RESORT carp fishing As the sun sets on Iktus carp lake

You can Drive And Survive bringing your own fishing tackle or you can hire all the fishing tackle you require with the exception being your bite alarms and terminal tackle which you should bring with you.  

2015 saw the new shower and toilet facilities built at Iktus. There is an on-site restaurant and bar where you can enjoy a great meal and a drink, and there are plans to do a food package so that you can have meals in the restaurant or have them delivered to your swim. There is a small tackle shop where you can purchase bait, tackle etc. and from the reception you can hire rowboats, electric outboard motors and bicycles etc.

55lb Sturgeon 55lb Sturgeon from Iktus Carp Lake




Prices start from £270.00 per angler per week.

Non fishing guest £42.00 per week.

VIP Swim costs an extra £180.00 per week for up to 3 anglers.

Row boat hire €50.00 per week (to be paid directly to owner on arrival).

Fishfinder hire €25.00 per week (to be paid directly to owner on arrival).

electric outboard motor €30.00 per week (to be paid directly to owner on arrival).


We now have Carp Pellets avaiable in 4, 9, 15 & 25mm, they can be purchased from the shop 3.6kg in a Camo bucket for €15.00 or €50.00 for a 25kg sack. It is best to order these before you go to ensure they are ready and waiting for you.



Extra tackle can also be hired at an additional cost.

Extra rod £50.00 per week.

Fish finder £30.00 per week.

Iktus now have their own Boilies and Pellets available for sale in the shop.

5kg bucket of 20mm boilies in Crab or Pineapple flavour €19.00

5kg  bucket Pellets available in 2, 3, 5, 9 &15mm €10.00

5kg bucket of drilled 20mm Pellets €13.00

25kg sack Pellets available in 9 & 15mm €50.00



You can now rent baitboats and echo sounders from the onsite shop at Iktus. Baitboat hire €80.00 per week. Baitboat and echo sounder hire €100.00 per week. These will be delivered to your swim in a protective bag and includes 8 batteries. Please note there is a €100.00 security deposit required that will be returned if all is returned in a good and clean condition.

All payable in Euros on arrival at the onsite shop.


For more information or to book fantastic venue, call Rob on  +44 (0) 771 783 7879.

or email: 



Once again anybody fishing Iktus Carp Lake in France for 1 week or more in 2017 will receive a free gift. You can choose between an Iktus embroidered baseball cap, an Iktus printed "T" shirt or a black Iktus mug.



Long range weather forcast for Iktus Carp Fisking Lake in France Weather forcast for Iktus Lake





Check out the current weather forecast for Iktus Carp Fishing Lake


Average temperature at Iktus in France Average temperature at Iktus


Size:   87 acres                                           Baitboats:   Yes   

How many swims:  15                              Row boats:  Yes

Max no anglers  21                                    Bait available:  Yes                        

Double swims: Yes                                    Tackle hire:  Yes

Onsite shop:  Yes                                       Hook pattern:  Barbed

Parking behind swims:  No                     Distance to shops  2 miles 

Meal package:  Yes in the restaurant       Facilities:  Shower, Toilets

Cooking facilities:  No                              Species: Carp, Sturgeon & Catfish             

Drive and survive:      Yes                        Lake Carp record: 72+lbs   

Accommodation:       Yes                    

Distance Calais: 11hrs: 670ml/1077km. Tackle Supplied: Most tackle and equipment available.

The owner of the Property/Lake or Carp Fishing Trips do not take any responsibility in case of accidents, thefts or material damage.




To have a chat about or to book Iktus you can call Rob

on: +44 (0) 77 1783 7879  or email:

 or by clicking on the contact page button below and filling in the form

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