Etang Soubise Carp Lake in France

Etang Soubise is a 66.75 acre Carp Fishing Lake in France, set in the Chateau Parc.

It’s a 6 hour drive from Calais, and only 3.5 hours from Caen. The nearest village is called Les Herbiers. The village has a bakery, small shop and a bar and is only about 5 minutes away. 
A larger village called Puy du Fou has supermarkets and shopping centres etc. and is only 15 minutes away.

Etang Soubise has 19 natural swims given each angler lots of water to fish and the swims are kept natural keeping the natural surroundings. Please note that the water level can rise and fall so it is advisable to have waders/rubber boots. The 19 swims can be pre-booked and please note if booking swims 5 to 8 that are on the dam wall it is advisable to call Rob on 0044(0) 7717837879 for advice first. The depth of the lake varies from 2.5 metres to 4 metres and there is no weed and the lake has a very flat bottom. There are rowboats available to hire (best to pre-book), the cost is €10.00 per day or you can bring your own boat if you wish. You can drive to your swim to unload/load your vehicles but when you have finished you must leave your cars in the car parks. Close to the entrance of the site there is a limited amount of freezer space, and the shower and toilet block. (please note that this is quite a way from the swims).


Some of the Carp Fishing Trips Team Members Vist Soubise

There are 900 known Carp, 19 Sturgeon and 83 known Grass Carp in the lake. 

4 rods allowed per angler. There are no Bream or Catfish in Etang Soubise Carp Fishing Lake.


1 week £200.00 per angler

1 week lake exclusive (up to 19 anglers) £2,200.00

Non fishing guest per week £30.00

Long range weather forecast for Etang Soubise 

Long range weather forcast for Soubise Carp Fishing Lake in France Long range weather forcast for Soubise Lake


Check out the long range weather forecast at Etang Soubise Carp Fishing Lake in France

Average temperature at Soubise Lake in France Average temperature at Soubise Lake

 Venue Details

Size: 66.75 acres                                       Baitboats: Allowed.

How many swims: 19                              Row boats: Yes €10.00 per day or bring your own 

Max no anglers: 19                                   Bait available: Yes                        

Double swims: Yes                                   Tackle hire: No

Onsite shop: No                                        Hook pattern: Micro Barbed

Parking behind swims: No                      Distance to shops 2 miles 

Meal package: No                                     Facilities:  Shower, Toilets & Freezer

Cooking facilities: No                               Species: Carp, Grass Carp & Sturgeon         

Drive and survive: Yes                             Lake Carp record: 65lb+  

Accommodation: No                    

Distance Calais: 6 hours. 373 ml/625 km. 

Soubise Lake in France Carp Record 65lbs+ Soubise Lake Carp Record 65lbs+

The owner of the Property/Lake or Carp Fishing Trips do not take any responsibility in case of accidents, thefts or material damage.

To have a chat about or to book Soubise Carp Fishing Lake in France

 you can call Rob on: +44 (0) 77 1783 7879  email:

 or by clicking on the contact page button below and filling in the form 

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