Etang Sauvage Carp Fishing Lake in France

Etang Sauvage is less than 2 hours drive from Calais. Near the town of Viry-Noureuil.
A 17 acre Carp Fishing Lake in France with just 7 Carp Fishing swims set in an 8 hectare plot with the surroundings kept as natural as possible.  

Etang Sauvage water is crystal clear with the depths varying  between 1 & 10 metres and there are lots of features which includes submerged trees, islands and bars.

The owners, bailiffs and groundsmen have worked hard at Etang Sauvage, and made the 7 Carp Fishing swims a pleasurable place to bivvy up and fish from. There is a picnic table and BBQ in each swim. There are parking spaces behind all the swims except for Foully swim where access is by boat or foot.


1 weeks fishing £175.00 Per Angler

1 week Non Fishing £30.00 Per Person




Carp Fishing Trips or Etang Sauvage will not be responsible for any injuries, damage or loss whilst you are on the grounds of Etang Sauvage.

Fishing is only allowed on the main lake.

Do not arrive before 12:00 on the day of arrival.

You must vacate your swim by 10:00 on the day of departure. 

Dogs are allowed on site but must be controlled properly and their mess cleaned up. 

Only people who have booked in are allowed onsite.

All children must be supervised at all times.

All vehicles must be parked at the allotted parking spaces. 

Do not damage any trees, bushes or bankside vegetation.

All rubbish to be placed in rubbish bags and removed from the venue.

Do not leave cigarette butts on the ground or in the lake.

Do not leave bottle tops on the ground or in the lake.

No swimming allowed.

Boats are available but lifejackets must be worn.

Oars and electric motors are NOT provided.

Quality unhooking mats must be used and must be wet using lake water.

Only handle fish with wet hands.

Fish antiseptic must be used on all hookholds or damaged areas of the fish.

No maiming of fish.

Courtesy must be given to other anglers, hikers and hunters.

No excessive noise allowed. Please keep radios, DVD players etc to a minimum.

No drunken behaviour.

Anybody caught using illegal drugs will be reported to the police.

No fishing for Crayfish.

No open fires.

4 rods maximum per angler.

Do not leave the rods unattended whilst they are fishing.

Only correctly prepared particles allowed.

Barbed hooks only.

No leadcore. 

No shock leaders.

Rig tubing must be used.

Only fish friendly safe rigs allowed.

No braided mainline with the exception of marker and Spomb/spod rods.

A minimum of 45" landing net. 

Do not use landing nets on the Sturgeon. They must me landed by the tail.

Weigh slings must be made of PVC or similar fish friendly materials.

No sacking of fish.

Recovery slings may be used for a minimal period. 

No defecating around the lake. There is an on-site toilet.

BBQs are allowed but make sure they do not cause any damage.

The owner of the Property/Lake or Carp Fishing Trips do not take any responsibility in case of accidents, thefts or material damage.


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Check out the latest weather forecast at Etang Sauvage Carp Fishing Lake in France 

Average temperature at Etang Sauvage in France Average temperature at Etang Sauvage

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