Set in the beautiful Allier region of France about a six hour drive from Calais, you can find Etang de Bouxier. A 52 acre lake with an average depth of 6-7 feet. Etang de Bouxier has just 7 swims so you will never feel crowded. 

Gite at Etang de Bouxier 

Etang de Bouxier has a very comfortable 4 person, 2 bedroom Gite that can be rented if you wish to bring your family or just want some luxury. If you rent the Gite, swim 1 which is only 100 metres away can also be reserved for you. You can only fish swim 1 if you book the Gite.

Set in the middle of a forest, Etang de Bouxier is a very private and peaceful venue where there is an abundance of wildlife. You can drive and park at all the swims so setting up and packing away is very easy. Swims 1, 3, 4, 5 & 6 have wooden platforms to fish from and each swim has a wooden cabin you can use so there is no need to set up a bivvy, giving you more room in your car. 

One thing to note is that there are poisson-chat and crayfish, it is an important thing to prepare yourself for in bait choice. Tigernuts are the most favourite hookbait for nearly all anglers, but protecting your hookbait with a nylon mesh or shrink wrap also is a good recommendation. While Brian and myself fished there we were by far the top rods and we used hard meshed protected boilies on the hair and just baited up with boilies.

Boats are compulsory on Etang de Bouxier, You can bring your own or rent one on site, electric motors and batteries can also be rented. Baitboats are highly recommended.

Weather Forecast at Etang de Bouxier

Average temperature at Etang Bouxier in France Average temperature at Etang Bouxier

Etang de Bouxier Rules

Arrival time: not before 14:00. Departure time: no later than 11:00.

A maximum of 4 rods is allowed if there is only 1 angler on a swim, 3 rods per angler if there are 2 anglers in swim. Maximum of 2 anglers per swim.  


Swim one can only be fished weekly in combination with Gite.


No leadcore.


A minimum of 30” (75cm) rig tube must be used.


Braided mainline is only allowed on Marker/Spomb Rods.


Large quality unhooking mats/cradles must be used.

Unhooking mats/cradles must be wet using fresh lake water before putting a fish on. (please do not leave unhooking mats in the sun).

A fish antiseptic must be used on all hookholds, cuts and abrasions. If you don’t bring any you must purchase a bottle from the onsite shop/bailiff before you fish.

The retaining of fish is only allowed while camera, swim etc is prepared for photographs.


A maximum of a size 1 hook allowed.


Micro barbed hooks only.


Longshank Nailer type hooks are not allowed.


No bent hook rigs.


A large landing net is compulsory.


Only fish friendly rigs allowed. The lead must be able to discharge.

Rowing boats are compulsory, you can bring your own if you wish or rent one on site.

Life jackets must be worn whilst using a boat. Bring your own.  PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU USE BOATS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

“H” type or similar markers are not allowed.

The use of baitboats is permitted. Please respect other anglers. 


Rods must not be left unattended whilst lines/rigs are in the water.

Radios, DVD players etc must be kept to an acceptable volume so as not to interfere with other anglers.

Swimming is not allowed.

Particles are allowed but must be prepared correctly (click on link for guide for cooking).

No mutilation/marking of fish! Anybody caught doing so will be reported to police.


Children must be properly supervised at all times.

Alcohol/drug abuse will not be tolerated. The use of drugs will be reported to the police.

Dogs are allowed but must not be allowed to roam unattended and you must clean up after them.

The venue owners & are not liable for any temporary defect or stoppage of public services to the property in respect of any equipment or appliances in the property, nor any loss, damage or injury as a result of adverse weather or any other matter however caused.

Anybody not abiding by the above rules will be told to leave the venue without any refund.



Lake Details

Size:   52 acres                                           Baitboats:   Yes   

How many swims:  7                                Row boats:  Yes

Max no anglers  14                                    Bait available:  Yes                        

Double swims: Yes                                    Tackle hire:  Row boats, electric motor and batteries 

Onsite shop:  Boilies & Particles,              Hook pattern:  Micro Barbed

Parking behind swims:  Yes                     Distance to shops  2 miles 

Meal package:  No                                    Facilities:  Shower, Toilets

Cooking facilities:   No                             Species: Carp, 

Drive and survive:      Yes                        Lake Carp record: 60+lbs   

Accommodation:       Yes                    

Distance Calais: 6hrs: 20mins 376ml/605km. 


1 angler per swim:                     £310.00

2 anglers per swim:                    £520.00

Non Fishing Guest:                     £45.00

Swim 1 with Gite & 1 angler:    £735.00

Swim 1 with Gite & 2 anglers:  £950.00


                         The following to be paid in Euros on arrival if required


Row Boat:                           €50.00

Electric Motor & Battery:  €45.00


To have a chat about or to book Etang de Bouxier you can call Rob

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