Chef de Ville

Chef de Ville is a 27 acre lake situated near the village of Armentieres-en-Brie just 3 hours drive from Calais and 3 hours 50 minutes from Caen.

2017 Opening day at Chef de Ville

Chef de Ville Carp Fishing Lake in France Carp jumping at Chef de Ville Carp Fishing Lake in France

Chef de Ville offically opened to customers yesterday,(09/04/2017) and the first fish of the season was this magnificent 37lb 4ozs common. Happy days

Plan of the swims on Chef de Ville

Chef de Ville has just 8 swims with fishing allowed from just 1 bank with the exception of swim 8. There are also 2 stalking areas that the anglers in swim 1 and swim 7 can use.

Plan showing the swims on Chef de Ville Plan showing the swims on Chef de Ville Carp Fishing Lake in France

There are 3 buildings on the lake. 1 is the bailiffs lodge, 2 is the showers and toilets & the 3rd is the cooking and dining area.

Chef de Ville has a tree lined margin on the far bank and with the river Marne just behind, so if you fancy a go on the river this can also be arranged for a small licence fee. 


Drive and survive per angler:  £250.00 per week

Non-fishing guest (1 guest per angler):  £40.00 per week

Lake exclusive up to 10 anglers:  £2,500.00 per week

Food package per person:  £120.00 per week

Breakfast package per person:  £60.00 per week

Evening meal package per person:  £70.00 per week

Boat hire per week:  £35.00 

Prepared particle:  £10.00 for 5 kilo

Chef de Ville boilies: 5 Kilo £40.00, 10 Kilo £70.00


Chef de Ville Rules

Do not arrive at the fishery before 10:00am unless prior arrangments have been made.

Draws for the swims will be at 12:00 midday

You must leave the fishery by 10:00am the following Saturday.


Maximum of 3 rods per angler.


Rods must not be left unattended while lines are in the water.


Only fish friendly rigs allowed. MCF Dumper clips only. Can be purchaced on site.

Barbed or micro barbed hooks only.


No longshank Nailer type hooks allowed.


A minimum of 15lb bs Mainline.


No braided mainline. Braid may be used on marker and spod rods.


 No leadcore.


Floatation slings and cradles are provided for each swim. The floatation sling must be used to support the fish to and from the water.


A minimum of 42" landing net allowed. These must be dry when you arrive.


Fish antiseptic must be used on all hook holds, cuts or abrasions. 


No sacking of the fish. the supplied retaining slings may be used for a short period of time to allow you to prepare for photographs.


Large well padded unhooking mats must be used.


Fish must be kept wet using water straight from the lake.


No fish mutilation.


Swimming is not allowed.


Baitboats are allowed but please respect other anglers fishing area.


BBQs are allowed but must be off the ground. No hot ashes in the bins. 


Bins are provided. Please use them. No rubbish in the swims or around the lake including cigarette ends and bottle tops.


Please leave the showers and toilets in a clean condition.


Please keep the noise from radios etc to a level that does not interfere with other people’s enjoyment.


Respect the fish and wildlife


Only particles purchased on site allowed.


Chef de Ville do not consider the venue suitable for children under the age of 15. All children between the ages of 15 & 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


Dogs are allowed (YOU MUST CHECK WITH US FIRST) but you must be in control and clear up after them.


Lifejackets must be worn in the boats (bring your own). Do not use the boats during the hours of darkness.


Excessive alcohol and any illegal drug use will not be tolerated.


Any criminal behaviour including the use of drugs will be reported to the police.


The owner of the property, Chef de Ville or Carp Fishing Trips do not take any responsibility in case of accidents, thefts or material damage.


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